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Our Ceilings

Our materials are all certified and come from the best European suppliers.

Affordable Prices

  • We can guarantee high quality of our work and a highly competitive prices.
  • Please contact us for details.

Our Advantages

  • Unlimited amount of deliveries, own manufacture.
  • High-quality product which may compete with European manufacturers.
  • All production is certified. Wide spectrum of designer solutions.
  • Wide net of deliveries on the territory of the EU as well as on the territory of Belarus.


AKS Interier - Stretch Ceilings Ireland

Our employees are highly skilled professionals.

Desire for perfection and applying innovative technologies and materials with
creative designers and excellent craftsmanship, make our products very popular and
in demand.

When deciding to purchase Stretch Ceilings, you can feel sure to have chosen a high
quality, modern and stylish ceiling!

When choosing Stretch Ceilings you can be sure to receive the following:

stretch ceiling of the highest quality

stretch ceiling of unlimited service life on top of a ten year warranty

stretch ceiling that is easy to maintain

stretch ceiling of multiple colours, over 300 are available

Advantages of Stretch ceilings include:

Ideally smooth surface; The richest colour palette; Variety of style solutions; Shorter time of installation; Durability and long service life; Multiple installation options; Easy maintenance.

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    Our sctretch ceiling.


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